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Women Thrive Worldwide
 is a campaign by Women Thrive Worldwide. Our goal? To provide people with a concrete and public way to stand with women around the globe.


The World Health Organization reports that one in every three women experiences physical or sexual violence in her lifetime. In some countries, rates of violence reach 70 percent or higher. Each year, 3 million girls and women face the risk of female genital mutilation. Violence against women ranges from domestic violence to rape and acid burnings to so-called “honor killings.” It devastates the lives of millions of women and girls each year, in every country and every culture around the world.

We believe that by showing decision-makers across the globe just how many people want to see an end to violence against women and girls, we will see action. We will see change. We will see a world where no one, no matter where she lives, has to experience gender-based violence.


Women Thrive Worldwide is the leading nonprofit amplifying the voices of women and girls around the world who are striving to break free of poverty, violence, and inequality. Find us online at womenthrive.org and @WomenThrive.


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  1. I am a community worker in Glasgow, Scotland. Is there a way I can support the no1 nowhere campaign? Perhaps encourage people in Glasgow to take photos to upload?


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